Westinghouse Electric Corporation is a leading manufacturer of electrical equipment since 1886 and has produced high operating steam turbines for many sources of energy, such as nuclear, coal, fossil fuels, and geothermal. Reliable Turbine Services has over 30 years of experience in maintaining and repairing all Westinghouse steam turbines. Our team is committed to restoring and repairing your turbine to its maximum performance with our various repairing capabilities.

Turnkey Outage Management Services

RTS provides start to finish project services including: engineering, start-up support, project supervisors, safety managers, skilled millwrights, on-site repair technicians, full-service shop, manufacturing facility, and OEM-trained Generator Specialists. This can reduce costly downtime due to the challenges of dealing with multiple contractors and virtually eliminate subcontractor mark-up invoices.

Our Westinghouse steam turbine services include: