On-Site Specialized Weld Repair Equipment

Portable Semi-Auto TIG Bore Welding

A Deep Bore GTAW machine capable of providing State of the Art On-Site welding, utilizing the latest technology in programmable high-quality weldments. This machine is the latest version in the evolution of this technology, proving to be a very robust and reliable machine.

Portable Semi-Auto MIG Bore Welding:

Automated Welding Equipment that consists of a rotating MIG Torch designed for heavy weld build up on Stationary Components in place. Capable of providing exceptional quality weldments using a variety of filler metals.


In-House Specialized Equipment

Automatic Hot Wire TIG Welding:

This GTAW System is a custom engineered auto cladding machine that utilizes hot wire voltage and frequency. This technology provides current to the filler wire for faster material deposition with less base material contamination. The 48” rotary table will angle from 0 to 90 degrees, allowing limitless capabilities. Using a wide variety of filler metals, this machine can weld almost anything and is most noted for its ability to provide high-quality stellite weldments for ruggedizing turbine valves and stems.

Submerged Arc Welding:

When a significant amount of weld build-up is needed on steam turbine rotors, this Submerged Arc Welding machine is up to the challenge. Using various types of filler materials this machine with its large boom has 10’ of under arm axial travel, horizontal travel up to 11’, and can produce a weldment up to ¾” wide and ½” thick on each pass.

This machine is noted for exceptional high-quality deposition of metal for journal, thrust collars, in addition rotor and stub shaft repair refurbishment. Bucket dovetail fit welding or refurbishment for Axial, T, and Fir Tree root designs can easily be accomplished.

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