The Reliable Turbine Services GATE 1 testing service is perfect for establishing baseline readings on customer generator equipment. This rotor-in-place testing is non-invasive and can be conducted within the timing of a borescope inspection, turbine minor or combustion inspection.

The following items are included in our base GATE-1 generator testing:

Inspections/Tests Performed

  • Borescope inspection of stator winding, rotor winding and blocking (as accessible), stator core step laminations and fingerplates
  • Insulation resistance of RTD’s, stator winding, and rotor winding
  • Stator Winding Test – Polarization Index (PI), Resistance, DC step voltage test
  • Rotor Winding Test – Polarization Index, Resistance, AC Impedance

Exciter inspection

  • Visual inspection
  • Insulation resistance tests

Final Report

  • Standardized format provided
  • Photographs of critical areas in the stator winding, core, and rotor.
  • Dielectric absorption graph and analysis of insulation integrity
  • Summary of all insulation and winding resistance measurements taken.
  • Any anomalies reported immediately with the Final Report submitted within 10 days of inspection


  • Reveals pending faults in winding of the rotor and stator
  • Reveals deterioration of coil insulation caused by corona or end winding vibration
  • Establishes a “base line” for evaluating future inspections and input for establishing planned major maintenance activities
    • Optional Testing – Electrical Isolation
    • RTS can also provide an estimate for the neutral and main leads disconnection prior to electrical testing and reconnect upon completion of testing.