Meet the Reliable Turbine Services Manufacturing Team!

We call them the REM team.

From turbine blades to bolts and valves, the RTS Manufacturing team can make it all.

Here is a highlight of our REM Division.


Above: Matt Cole

Matt Cole

Operations Manager - Houston

Matt grew up in the Lake Tahoe, NV area and moved to Houston, TX in 2012 to become the Operations Manager at Reliable Turbine Services. He has been a machinist for 18 years with 12 of those years in the turbine components manufacturing industry. Matt's wealth of knowledge make him a key to RTS' success. 

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Donnie Cullers

Production Manager

Donnie joined Reliable Turbine Services in January 2013. He has almost 18 years experience in the machining  and manufacturing industry. He has dedicated his career to machining and metal working but enjoys spending his down-time in other pursuits. Donnie is an avid outdoors-men and hobbyist gunsmith.  Though humble about his qualifications, Donnie is a great asset to the RTS manufacturing team.  

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